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February 5, 2013
3 Exercises to Improve Cuff Strength and Posture
Last week, we talked about the importance of movement quality in anything you do, especially rotator cuff exercises. Keys To Rotator Cuff Exercises:
  • Focus on body position first
  • Program for quality not quantity (number of exercises)
  • Use isometric holds rather than high reps to get the necessary time under tension
At Sparta, our rotator cuff strength program involves three basic exercises.  These are not exhaustive in their ability to train the cuff at joint angles that are specific to an athlete’s sport, but they allow us to ensure quality movement and reinforce proper body positions that will have the greatest carryover to GRF and injury prevention (see Sparta Point).  In the long run, we are much better off building a solid foundation with just a few exercises rather than using a laundry list of specific movements that are done poorly. The mistake that most rotator cuff programs make is to include too many exercises and too much volume.  Pick a few great exercises and perform them well.  At Sparta, we look to keep the time under tension between 30 and 60 seconds per set.  For example, 5 reps with a 6 second hold.  Try these 3 exercises, and feel the difference between repping out cuff exercises and focus on body position and time under tension.
February 5, 2013
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