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May 20, 2013
Every Athlete’s Most Important Stretch
Today wraps up a four week series on stretching. Check out the first three segments for a little more background info. Three Keys to Flexibility (see Sparta Point) The Best Hamstring Stretch Ever (see Sparta Point) The Best Hip Stretch Ever (see Sparta Point) At Sparta, our stretching philosophy centers around improving angles for a better movement signatureTM. The three key areas that we want to address are the ankles, hips and thoracic spine. With that in mind, today’s stretch addresses the most common flexibility restrictions we see with all our athletes.
  • Ankle dorsiflexion
  • Hip flexion / abduction
  • Thoracic extension / rotation

Coaching Keys:

  • Spike the toes and set the hips
  • Maintain a flat back as you sit your tailbone as far back toward the heels as possible
  • Brace the hips and abs – all movement should come from the thoracic spine
We hope that you have learned some new stretches that you can incorporate into your program. But more importantly, we hope you have started to develop a philosophy for addressing flexibility, and a framework for selecting the most effective and efficient movements for your movement signatureTM
May 20, 2013
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