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December 4, 2012
How Better Posture Makes You a Better Athlete
At Sparta, we talk A LOT about good posture and body position.  This is the component of every movement that we coach the most.  Whether it is lifting, jumping, or sprinting, body position is one of the determining factors in efficient performance. One thing that makes Sparta different is that we are able to objectively convey the importance of body position to our athletes through their individual movement signatureTM (see Sparta Point).  Testing on the force plate gives each athlete insight into how their body position and movement sequencing affect performance.  I often use the analogy of a “Jenga Tower”.  The joints must be aligned properly and “balanced” in order to efficiently create and transfer GRF.  Stability is as simple as the ability to maintain alignment in order to perform a task (see Sparta Point). While we focus on body position in all of our movements, one of the movements that we use to teach the fundamentals of posture is the front bridge.

Coaching Keys:

  • Quads tight, butt tight, abs tight
  • “Grip the ground” with your elbows
  • Maintain a straight line from the top of your head to your toes
Bridges are a great way to teach and develop the foundation of posture, body position, and movement efficiency.  As athletes master these movements, we progress to more challenging variations and longer holds (see Sparta Point).  By focusing on these coaching keys, you can move from just “holding a plank” to developing the posture and stability that you need in order to move like an athlete.
December 4, 2012
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4 thoughts on “How Better Posture Makes You a Better Athlete”

  1. How long do you hold as you progress to the hands and as you alternate? I’m pretty suprised to find out you only hold for 30-45 seconds but you said when you pay attention to proper form it gets more difficult.

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