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December 3, 2009
Is there a Room for Egg Nog?
As we enter the Holiday season, 2 different athletes asked me yesterday about the nutritional benefits of egg nog. It is especially relevant considering chocolate milk can be a very cheap and effective post workout supplement (see Sparta Point 2/4/09). The standard eggnog has a similar carbohydrate to protein ratio (2-3:1) of chocolate milk, allowing it to be an effective stimulant of insulin release and glycogen replenishment, key apsects of a post workout supplement. Unfortunately the eggs also provide fat, which inhibits insulin release, and thus the absorption of protein and carbohydrates. So enjoy your egg nog this holiday season, but don’t feel it is effective during post workout unless you remove the fat content.
December 3, 2009
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2 thoughts on “Is there a Room for Egg Nog?”

  1. Egg nog is so good…If you switch to the Lucerne Light Egg Nog you should be good to go. Plus, it only comes out once per year…might as well enjoy!

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