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August 17, 2012
Foundation of Catching PART I: The Stance
BY JERRY WEINSTEIN  Catching Coach for the Colorado Rockies


1.  Set up close enough to the hitter so you can touch his back elbow with your glove when you are standing up.
  • This will allow you to catch strikes closer to the strike zone, be in a better position to block balls in the dirt, catch more foul tips, and give the umpire a better sight line
  • You will be less vulnerable to injury from foul tips and balls in the dirt that catch you high on the chest protector or mask
  • It will also help your pitcher locate the ball down better. When you are too deep the low ball to reach you crosses the plate higher. This is especially true for the curveball
2.  Start with your heels close together with your knees angled more towards third than first. 3.  Go from your signal to your up stance the same way for all pitches.
  • The best way to accomplish this is by moving both feet at the same time by springing up out of your signal stance (Jump set up)


1. Feet are spread shoulder width, or slightly wider, with the toes pointed slightly out
  • Allows you to move laterally through shin ANGLE without having to open up your body
  • Feet planted flat on the ground with weight slightly on the inside of your feet
  • Not so much that your knees tilt in
2. Butt below your knees with back relatively straight/square to the plate with the head up
  • This gives you stability and does not get your weight too far forward
  • When weight too far forward, it hinders your ability to move side to side
  • When head is up, eyes are up and you don’t need to strain your neck
3.  Glove is just below hitter’s knees, just in front of your belly button and between your knees.
  • keeps your hands loose so you can extend to catch the ball in non running situations
  • allows you to relax your glove hand without having to move your glove
  • The elbows are bent and positioned outside and above the knee
Overall the goal is to put you in a solid position to move with quickness. To put you in a tension free relaxed position that will not fatigue you during the game.
August 17, 2012
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