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August 3, 2012
How do you identify and develop football lineman?
BY JON OSTERHOUT When evaluating the physical attributes of a linemen, the first thing I look at is the structure of the body type. The length of the upper/lower body and the circumference of their bone structure (Wrist/Knee/Waist/Chest). The ability to project growth potential is key to sustaining long term development of a linemen. So starting with body type, the first attribute that I look for is the thickness in the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. The thickness in the legs and the ability to sink their hips into a proper leverage position and maintain your power angles is essential to winning up front. Secondly, I look for the length in the arms/hands. The game is played in tight quarters and the ability to attack/capture the chest and maintain it becomes an vital part to winning your individual battle. Lastly, I look at the overall broadness of the shoulders and chest. It is a big mans game and the more thick and square you can play presents positive correlation. As you move up levels in the sport of football, the common attributes that separate the linemen that have success is they are extremely smart, tough and dependable men who are consistent in all phases of their preparations on and off the field. Lunch Pail Mentality – Success is the result of preparation and hard work meeting opportunity Character Counts – Character wins! Low-Character/high-maintenance lineman can deplete a team. We want lineman who perform their role without being asked to do it. Our job as coaches is to find players that love football. Our job is to continue to coach positive character traits in our players. For more information on Jon and his program
August 3, 2012
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