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November 19, 2012
The Prerequisite for Power
Every athlete that we work with is looking to become more powerful.  For our baseball players, this is mainly rotational power for increased throwing velocity and bat speed.  For our field athletes, power is the difference maker in acceleration and agility.  While every athlete has the goal of becoming more powerful, there are a few prerequisites to power that must be developed in order to affect performance on the field. Strength and speed are the determining factors of power and performance, and these must be trained according to each individual’s GRF needs (see Sparta Point).  However, before we talk about strength and speed we must solidify the prerequisite for power – Body Position.  Body position is all about the relation of the body’s center of mass to the ground. At Sparta, we use the Double Lateral Hop as a reactive strength movement to train athletes to control their center of mass and maintain proper relationships with the ground through good shin angles (see Sparta Point).

Coaching Keys:

  • Keep hips and shoulders square
  • Keep knee and toe tracking straight ahead
  • Load hips and brace the torso
Learning to control body position and create shin angles is the difference maker between powerful athletes and strong guys.  Don’t just be strong, use your strength to make plays.
November 19, 2012
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