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July 7, 2014
VIDEO: 2014 All Star Pitcher Tyson Ross gives his Training Tips

During his 6 year journey from CAL stand-out to Padres ALL-Star, Tyson Ross has consistently been one of the most efficient and precise athletes at SPARTA. During the 2014 off-season we focused our efforts on helping Tyson maintain his movement quality even when he was extremely fatigued. Using the data we collected from fatigued Sparta Signatures™ we prescribed heavier movements than we have done in the past with Tyson, requiring him to expend more metabolic and neuromuscular effort. The prescriptions have paid off with Ross averaging more than 6 innings a game over the first half of the season, sporting a 2.93 ERA with 111 strikeouts. Watch the video to learn more.

July 7, 2014
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