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April 8, 2014
Sparta Software, Corp. and Jaguars announce partnership

“We are using the Sparta software to validate our training means and methods.”

Tom Myslinski

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Sparta Software Corporation is proud to partner with the Jacksonville Jaguars and help the team in its continued pursuit of excellence in the NFL. Using the cutting-edge athlete evaluation and performance software, SpartaTrac™, the Jaguars will be able to prioritize player training before and during the season, monitoring player fatigue and injury risk , as well as maximizing players’ off-field preparation. The value is already being seen by Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Myslinski, who spent the week with Sparta in Jacksonville before summarizing the infrastructure’s capabilities,“We are using the Sparta software to validate our training means and methods.”

The patented software, coupled with force plate testing, will allow the Jaguars to conduct in-depth player draft analysis and position-specific comparisons to help the team build an outstanding roster and protect its valuable investments.

Sparta Software, Corp.’s founder, Dr. Phil Wagner, MD had this to say about the partnership: “It’s exciting to partner with a franchise like the Jaguars and help them continue their tradition of excellence. This partnership shows the Jaguars’ commitment to using science and leading-edge technology to stay competitive in the NFL. We feel the software will be particularly helpful in monitoring player fatigue during the Jags’ challenging travel schedule. Because SpartaTrac™ is so precise, it will help the coaching staff see small changers in players’ performance levels and adjust accordingly.”

Sparta Software, Corp. is the sister company of Sparta Performance Science. Located in the Silicon Valley, Sparta Performance Science uses force plate technology and proprietary software to help professional athletes become stronger, healthier more mentally tough athletes. Working with athletes like Jeremy Lin and Houston Astros All-Star Jason Castro, Sparta’s coaches build lasting relationships with their athletes based on trust and results.

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